Gastro Alaturka Antalya

Gastro Alaturka ANTALYA 12-13 May
11 May 2018
Taste of Antalya… Antalya, one of our country’s most beautiful destinations, features amongst other jewels, a cultural variety of dishes.. No wonder many visitors from Turkey and abroad decide to move to this city known for not just its sun and sea, but also its delicious cuisine.

Event Location

Turkey celebrates it’s culinary excellence in an unparalleled feast of events.

From the soil to the producer, from the chef’s cutting board to the diner, all players of the culinary process come together around this feast of events.

We will celebrate Turkish gastronomy – with its opulent ottoman heritage and regional delicacies – with the aim of introducing Turkey as a culinary destination and Istanbul it’s capital.

We launched Gastro Alaturka as a series of gastronomy events in September 2017 in Istanbul. This year, the Gastro Alaturka platform will travel to 8 different regions around the country to accentuate:

• 14 thousand years of rich cuisine with influences from the Hittites to Seljuks to the Ottomans
• Harvest of 7 regions
• Vineyards of Anatolia and Thrace
• Freshly picked produce
• Treasures from the seas surrounding the country

We embrace all dimensions of food, from local seeds to the importance of bees, from no waste technology to hygiene in the kitchen, from the relationship between produce and geography to open a path for Turkish cuisine towards a well deserved “Haute Cuisine” classification.

We are delighted to request your attendance to this feast and invite you to spice up gastro alaturka !

To seizing the flavors of life .. .


With love.

Yasemin Pirinçcioğlu

What Do We Talk About ?

Food / Beverage

• Examples of Turkish cuisine
• Examples of world cuisine
• Anatolian vineyards
• Traditional recipes
• Street food
• From ‘sherbets’ to ‘schorle’
• Tea, coffee
• Spices
• Cheeses
• Olives and olive oil


• Eating at hotels
• Eating at restaurants
• Industrial catering
• Recycling
• Gastronomy cities
• Investment, financing, incentive


• Health foods
• Sugar free and gluten-free diets
• Vegetarian and vegan diets
• Raw food diets
• Sports and nutrition
• Child nutrition


• From the fields to the table
• Local seeds
• Organic farming
• Beekeeping and its importance
• Flowers
• Geographic markers
• Vegetables
• Legumes

Life style

• Culinary Arts
• Art and the table
• Anatolian vineyards
• Art, architecture and aesthetics
• Library
• Food stories
• Food bloggers
• Gastronomy photography
• Entertainment
• Gastronomy tourism
• TV Gastronomy programs


• Kitchen utensils
• Kitchen design
• Restaurant design
• Interior architecture
• Textiles
• Glassware
• Event catering
• Takeaway, distribution channels


• Chef’s Tables
• Tavern
• Turkish Breakfast
• Fine Dining
• Floor Table

The future

• Gastronomy trends
• Freeze-dried food
• No-waste technology in the kitchen
• Smart kitchen

Gastro Alaturka Values

What makes gastro alaturka different from other food festivals and events?

What makes gastro alaturka different from other food festivals and events?

• Gastro alaturka is the only multidisciplinary platform bringing together all players of the gastronomy sector; from grocery stores to restaurants, from local producers to food artists, business stakeholders and consumers.

• It aims to introduce Turkish cuisine through activities in different cities and regions, and also to introduce local people to international arenas within a plan that spans a year.

• It will enable firms to make both B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to customer) communications on the same platform.

• It is an intellectual gastronomic platform which includes cultural activities, concerts, specialist speakers, audiovisual performances, creative meetings, brain storming sessions, competitions and similar activities.

• Gastro alaturka aims to promote Turkish gastronomy not only locally but also internationally, forming a local and global cultural chain.

Turkey: a gastronomy destination

• To promote Turkey and develop Turkey’s gastronomy economy
• To promote Turkey as an important culinary destination
• To increase the numbers of food enthusiast tourists
• To open new conversations by bringing together the players of Turkey’s gastronomic industry under the same roof
• To share all secrets, subtleties and history of Turkish and world cuisines to gastronomy enthusiasts
• As an independent platform, we strive to present Turkey’s culinary wealth and regional cuisines at their home bases

To share our tradition…

• Regional flavors
• Cypress wheat
• Seljuk and Ottoman recipes
• Palace menus
• Century old brands
• Turkish breakfast
• Inherited cooking techniques from ancient Anatolian cultures

To take responsibility…

• Welcoming gastronomy-orientated travelers and opinion leaders from all over the world to Turkey …
• To introduce culinary traditions of different cultures

To actualize our passion…

• Fueled by the passion we have for our local heritage, we work hard to introduce Turkey as a gastronomy destination
• We bring together all stakeholders who share our passion

To come together…

• Eating together around a table is the central part of social life.
• A platform to bring pioneers of Turkish gastronomy to create new ideas or refresh established ones.

To promote local flavors…

• We are motivated to introduce culinary varieties from culturally diverse regions.
• We want to present how all regions can integrate flavor subtleties with aesthetics.

For sustainability…

• We bring together consumers and manufacturers
• We offer small producers the opportunity to introduce themselves
• We want to demonstrate how local production in Turkey can be more effective when the consumer understands the process of production from the field to the plate. And when ethical, sustainable, recyclable (planning waste management) local production is supported.

Gastro Alaturka First Step - 2017

On September 16-17, 2017 at Volkswagen Arena we brought together farmers, growers, producers, collectors, cookers, cookers, presenters and tastes, professional leaders, famous chefs and taste masters to catch the taste of life.

we welcomed over 4,500 visitors in a natural, friendly and fun environment for two days. We have brought more than 100 participating companies to consumers.

We were entertained in the industry’s foremost 45-minute interviews and events, and enjoyed gastronomic entertainment with concerts and shows.

in short, we have gathered under the same roof whoever is involved in gastronomy.

Alaturka Flavors

Soil To Table
We meet the producers’ crops in the freshest state.